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cb77DEMELLO said:
That is very comon in the tacoma rear ends with downey add leafs and rancho. if you want it too ride good and still not break the bank you could do a Deaver 3 leaf add pack and 5100 bilstein shocks in the rear. That will set you back about 350.00 for everything.

If you have anymore questions let me know, I deal with these set-ups all the time.

I have a similar rear ride problem to the original poster with my Downey Long AAL and OME N85 shocks - let's just say mom doesn't like speedbumps (Hell even I get annoyed). Anyhow, I am curious how the OME A/B Leafpacks compare to the Deaver 3-leaf add pack or maybe more accurately, the Deaver full 7-leaf pack? Through the Bilstein 5100s into the mix and I am curious which combination of the OMEs/Deavers/Bils (springs and shocks) would ride and perform offroad the best....any thoughts?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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