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rearmain seal

dose anyone have a write up on how to replace the rearmain seal
on a 96 taco v6 4x4.
Ok, I'm gonna try this again in hopes it won't automatically log me out after I post it. Word of advice, if you're on your original clutch, go ahead and get a new 1 and get the flywheel resurfaced at the same time. Also, it's BEST to do the oilpan seal while you're at it b/c when prying the rearmain plate out you can disturb the oilpan seal. Here are you basic steps:
1.) Remove shifters from trans and t-case.
2.) Unbolt starter from bellhousing.
3.) Unbolt and remove the crossmember.
4.) Unbolt and slowly but surely remove the trans from the block. It's best to get under it like you're going to bench press it and push up and over at the same time trying to free it from the block.
5.) Take the clutch assembly apart and then begin removing the flywheel. If you're replacing the clutch assembly, have the flywheel resurfaced.
6.) After you remove the flywheel you can unbolt the rearmain plate. Then unbolt the oilpan. Be careful b/c you've gotta get the oilpan around the oil pickup tube and you don't wanna damage that.
7.) Clean the pan and the rearmain plate off and apply Toyota FIPG sealant and put everything back together in the reverse order. It's best to let the FIPG sealant sit for a few minutes. Have fun!

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No write-up, but the basics are as follows:

Drain 1-2 qts of engine oil
Remove transmission/transfer
Remove flywheel/clutch or flexplate
Remove flange for rear main seal
Remove seal
Clean flange of all RTV and also all mating surfaces on engine block and oil pan
Replace seal using soft mallet (seal should be flush with outside edge of flange)
Apply Ultra-Gray RTV to mating surfaces on flange and also on oil pan (be sure to get some in the corners).
Replace flange
Replace flywheel/flexplate, tranny, etc.
Refill motor oil

As mentioned by Wslytoy, removing the oil pan is not required. Don't forget to drain some of the engine oil or it will spill out when you remove the flange.

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dose anybody know what the torque is on the rearmain seal bolts
Probably the same as 2000. On the 2000 it lists:

Rear oil seal retainer x Cylinder block: 8 Nm (71 in.·lbf)

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