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*No Longer For Sale Recentered Double beadlocks w/36" tires

I am sorry if anyone had interest in my parts, I have decided to keep my 4Runner. I have too much time and attachment to it, I can't bring myself to part with it. Thanks

I have a set of 4 Humvee 8 bolt recentered HUMVEE double beadlocks 6x5.5 with 4.5" backspacing. They have 36" military Goodyear tires that are around 50% tread. They are balanced with dyna-beads and have always rode smooth with no vibes or wobbling. The recentering was done by USA6X6. The picture below is when they were new, they now have rock rash but nothing major. They have been off my 4Runner for a few years and have been stored inside. I can take some recent pics later. Located in Sharpsburg, Ga and I go to Atlanta daily. Asking $550 obo

I am also going to be parting my 4Runner out, I will be listing my Marlin/Inchworm (2.28/4.7) 23 spline duals shortly. My axles will also go up for sale front is fully built with (V6 3rd) Longfields, ARB, Yukon 5.29s, and a recent complete rebuild. Rear axle has a V6 3rd with Yukon 5.29s, full Detroit locker and stock axle shafts.


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