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Sold my ride:
1. 10# PowerTank - hose-mount-boot-hose bag $225 obo
Great for air tools/makes airing up a snap, no more waiting for
the air compressor to cool down so you can finish your first tire. SOLD - thanks

2. Bushranger X-Jack- $125 obo
Use power tank/compressor or adaptor to use the exhaust to
lift your vehicle. Used to lift my vehicle in loose rock on an
incline after tearing out a sidewall. Couldn't get rid of my
Hi-Lift fast enough. Used 3 times. Check youtube for good
in-action descriptions.

3. Canvas Bag with 20'x2" ProComp tow strap, 10' chain with hooks both
ends, 18K Warn snatch block, 6' tree saver (braided HD
rope), 3/4" and 1/2" shackle, and off-road base for HiLift.
$75 obo - SOLD

Couldn't download pics but can email them if desired.
Local pick up in Mesa
Doug 435-819-0162
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