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recovery shackles help

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Im getting some massive 5 inch by 9 inch industrial shackles for $5 bucks a piece. I want to make sure they don't grow legs. Is there any way to lock the pin that goes through the two ends? I don't want to weld the pin on and weld that to my bumper because I want to be able to put a loop through it instead of a hook. Thx, Ill have pics of my new rear bumper and shackles tomorrow.
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yes, a friend of a friend works for a construction company and apparently they use the shackles to get other dozers out or whatever, I forget. They are D-ring shackles, clevis hooks.... Any ideas? Overkill.... maybe :)
its got a threaded end, and on the opposite end, its got a circular hole that would do absolutely nothing... The pin that closes the shackle has to be about 3/4 an inch to 1 inch wide and doesn't hang over the other end.
Trying to picture what that would look like but for the chain link to be big enough, it wouldn't come through the eye of the shackle so I could slip a loop on. I think the guy I bought it from said it was cast iron so I have no clue how that would effect a weld on it.
Gad said:
andrew 123654. what is your suspension set up?? also, what tires. i have a reg cab, and like your look.
3" spacer, 3" aal, 3" body, 285-75-16 Stampedes. Thanks :)
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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