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recovery shackles help

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Im getting some massive 5 inch by 9 inch industrial shackles for $5 bucks a piece. I want to make sure they don't grow legs. Is there any way to lock the pin that goes through the two ends? I don't want to weld the pin on and weld that to my bumper because I want to be able to put a loop through it instead of a hook. Thx, Ill have pics of my new rear bumper and shackles tomorrow.
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I think one of the things that a lot of people forget when choosing recovery equipment is that you don't want to go with equipment that is much stronger than the truck frame, hitch, hooks, etc. For example, if you are stuck in deep mud and you have a large shackle, 40,000 pound tow strap, and are being pulled by a skidder, your frame will twist or fail before the recovery equipment will. Personally, I would much rather have a strap break or even a shackle.
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