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Regular Cab Frame Meet Extended Cab Body

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I wonder what I could do with this......

And this......

Keep checking in I'm about to go get started in the engine compartment...
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It's already been done. Check with Daniel P.(TennTaco) from TN.
CronusTRD said:
Looks cool, keep us posted on updates.

TrailCarnage did a swap long before Daniel so don't mind the sandyness of Kyle's vagina.

I have Trailcranage pics too.. :D I thought I would let him know someone else has done it before if he has questions. Tom would be awesome but he went with a 2WD cab so he had to move the mounts.
Pic's Where? We didnt have to move any mounts.
James is was in an old server file chief.. Looks like it wasn't deleted. Tom told me he had to move the rear mounts ass pirate! Now go cry window licker!
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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