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For years I've used a relay pulled from a BMW to start my Flex-a-lite fan. Over the past 12 years there was one time that the fan didn't come on, the relay was buzzing/vibrating and a good tap got it working. It happened a second time now today.

Luckily both times I was idle in hot weather and noticed the engine temp climbing, but I don't like it, even just twice in 12 years.

Do relays fail to engage in exceedingly hot conditions (both times were hot days at idle). More importantly, is there a reliable alternative for something as important as an engine fan?

FWIW the original Flex-a-lite adjustable temp relay was crap, it failed on me very quick. Hence I switched to a simple relay from a quality vehicle etc.

Thanks, I tried googling but relays are apparently way more complicated than my question.
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