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Relocating windshield washer

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I am getting ready to change my front bumper to something a little more high clearance. But by doing so I know the windshield washer bottle will be exposed. I will be relocating it and wanted to get some ideas from somebody that has already done this. Right now I was thinking of going out to the slavage yard and finding a washer container that would be easily relocated under the seat in the ext cab where the factory jack used to go. Anybody???

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I got a tank and a pump out of a Suzuki samurai and mounted it under the hood. Its alot smaller though
dstrbdone said:
That would be OK. My only problem is there is no room left under the hood on the fenderwells that is why I am thinking in the ext cab storage under the seat. Are the Susuki ones pretty plain and easy to mount?

Yeah its real easy to mount. I just used 2 self tapping screws. I'll try and snap some pics of it tommorrow
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