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remote start/ alarm

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I am looking for an alarm/remote start for my truck I was wondering if any of you guys have on on your truck. If so what type and how much did it cost you. I was looking at the viper 791xv from best buy, but they will not install it because my truck is a 5-speed. What could I do to get around the 5-speed prob and make it safe. The Viper come with every thing for around 300. Do you know any where I can get it cheaper.
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chasintail said:
Thanks for the info I have a friend that works at best buy so I think that he will install it for me I ordered one for ebay last night it was an Infinity with the same things as the viper plus a neutral safty switch thanks for the info.

The neutral safety switch is probably just a toggle switch, which a viper alarm does come with and will not do anything to detect whether or not your truck is in gear. All that switch does is supply a ground to the neutral safety wire. What you should do is mount some magnetic switches around the shifter and have those switches wired to the neutral safety wire on your alarm so it will know if it is in gear or not. The reason shops don’t install remote starts on manual trans is because of liability issues. If your truck starts and is in gear and runs someone over, most likely the shop will end up with a law suit. Hope this helps.

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