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Mouting a winch on a 99 tacoma and it would fit better without the vertical brace infront of the radiator that goes to the hood latch. Has anyboby removed them and had problems?

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I'll suppose winch fitment will depend on which bumper is utilized,
what size winch and where the solenoid box will be mounted.

On my '00 I have the All-Pro tube bumper - M8000
and did not need remove the latch support.
Nor would I weaken the latch by doing that.

Instead I was able to mount my solenoid box
directly on the center support, centered, box surface
flush - behind to the grill.
The M8000 fit with no issue and I could probaly fit an M9000
in it's stead, if I wanted.

Some prefer the solenoid box placed out of sight,
so it will not get tampered with.
But I've never had zero issues with mine where it's located.
And prefer the ease of access.

But then my truck is most always garaged
when not being utilized.

If I had to park it outdoors overnight...
I'd probably fab up some sort of lock plate
to cover the solenoid's connection.

But quite frankly with my four LightForce lights up front
theft of those is more of a concern for me, then winch vandalism.

So far... my truck has never been found hanging from a tree ! Lol
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