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Removing wheel lock with no key?

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I had class all day so I had planned on getting my tires swapped out tomorrow because my current tires are getting pretty bald. Well, on my way home (about a mile from my house) I blew my rear right tire. Problem is theres a wheel lock and I lost the key. I made my way home slowly and parked it. Obviously I can't drive the truck to the tire shop, and I'd rather not tow it there. So how can I get the lock off? I don't mind if I damage the lock or the wheel stud in trying to get the tire off. Any ideas?
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they make a thing thats kinda like an easy out, but opposite, u hammer it onto the nut and it has spiral type things on the inside, that grip and u use just an impact or breaker bar to get it off. kinda hard to explain but theres a tool just for those.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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