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I couldn't find info anywhere on how to replace the front nose seal or bearings on the TRD supercharger. So I thought I would share what I did and learned. I still don't know if what I did was correct but it seems to be working well so far.

First off I bought the nose seal from rolling performance.

The rolling performance seal is a viton seal and is alot differnet than the factory seal. The factory seal is very stiff and the metal in it thicker.
Here is a pic with the RP installed.

So first The oil needs to be taken out. I bought a baby nose sucker from walmart and put a piece of small hose on the end. After getting what I could out I put rags underneath the charger and removed the bolts. I but the pry bar between the nose cone and the spacer but left the aluminum spacer on.
When pulled apart you can see the coupler that may need replacing when the holes become wobbled out.

The shaft is then out. The bearings if need be can be replaced. The front of the housing can be pushed the rest the way out with a socket or something with similar shape. The bearing on the shaft can be hammered off using careful or creative techniques, otherwise a press would make things easier.

The mounting side of the pulley to the shaft is the short side.

I cleaned off all the housing bolts using a thread chaser and then used blue locktite. I used orange FIPG but read that Anaerobic Loctite should or could be used.

I filled mine with 4 oz. of GM supercharger oil. I called Magnuson and they told me to measure what I took out and I told them that my seal had leaked so I wasn't sure how much had come out. He then looked up the specs and said it takes 4 oz. and to go get it form GM.
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