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I think it’s been around eight years since I was posting on TTORA regularly. A lot has changed here; a lot has changed for me!
I daily drive a 2014 Subaru Forester XT now. I installed an air-oil separator, a rear strut tower stabilizer, and a rear STI anti-sway bar. Other than that, I’m leaving it stock for daily use and weekend adventures hiking, biking, and camping.
On the Toyota front...I’m thinking of buying another 1st gen Tacoma. Something all stock. I want to go a new direction than I’ve gone before. No more long travel, no more extremes in any direction. I’m thinking:
4wd, manual transmission, manual (J shift) transfer case, 3RZ, non-TRD, manual windows and locks, in the 1998-2004 range.
the modification I want to do will all be for longevity and to make the truck tough. Minimal to zero lift (lots of fender cutting), helical differentials front and rear, manual hubs, manual hub front diff, boxed rear frame, homemade bumpers with winch and lights and hooks.
Anyway, this is all way in advance thinking. For now, I just want to get back to posting and being a contributing member of this community again.
Here is the DD:

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Plant Tire
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