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Revised Rubicon Master Plan

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For those of you who have been following the evolution of the Rubicon Master Plan.

There's still some possibly negative stuff in there, check out element 8 talking about fees, reservations, trail use limits, and directional traffic controls.

Talk about an enforcement nightmare!

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It absolute best fix for this is to open up more trails in order to reduce the impact generated by forcing even more people into ever diminishing areas. Has any of our brilliant government types even brought up that remedy or would that make too much sense? The end goal to all of this type of nonsense it to create a slave state with us being the slaves. Yes, it is a small part but it still indicates the general direction things are headed just the same. i.e. You will recreate when and where we tell you to recreate and take your work product in the process because we the government have determined that it is a privilege, is at our discretion and is and not your right.
Why not just shoot the ass hats and be done with it?
Well I am. What do they do with all the money now? How is it that the fix for all problems is always more money for some damn governmernt agency. The first thing that always pops into their minds to address any problem is to shove their shit hooks into yours and my pocket for more money. To me it seems like the more money they get their hands on the problems remain or get worse and we have just that much less money. Need an example or two? Take a good hard look at our roads and schools in this state. Think about that for a while then come back and tell me how a new fee is going to change anything for the better for us. If anything ,more money for any government agency just creates even more bureaucracy that needs to justify it's existance that in and of itself becomes a larger problem than the one you started with. The real answer is very simple, less government meddling and trail closures, and more open trails. That equates to less density and less of a problem. They only close trails to pander to the eviro weenies anyway. After all it is mostly public land be it county, state or federal and we, all of us are the public not them.
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Bullshit!!! :rolleyes: They are short on funds because they waste a lot of it and because of their self generated bureaucratic nonsense. Anyone that has ever worked in government will tell you that their goal every year is to get an even larger budget and then spend that away so they can get even more the next year.
We need less government not more. Government is useless overhead for the most part. Typically, everything they touch turns to pure shit. When are people in this country going to wake up and realize that government is not the answer to all problems but typically are responsible for creating problems where none existed before? Let's all try to get this country back to what the founding fathers had in mind and get our laws back to serving their original intended purpose. Open your eyes, engage your brain and look around you. Now try to get a clue.
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Well let's just see if they can concentrate on doing job 1 first. That is to provide for the common defense. Once they do an adequate job at that and not get so muddled up with all the PC bullshit so much that all they do wind up doing is searching nuns at our airports, maybe they can try their hand at something else. Till then, we need to get them focused on the basics because they are doing a lousy job at everything they do now. I for one do not think they are protecting our natural resources fairly because they are so wrapped up in political pandering that they can't. It is abundantly clear that they will never do the job fairly the way things are today. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing that a problem exists in the first place. The evidence that there are problems is abundant and easily discerned. All that will result from your direction is more problems, less freedom, more taxes etc. etc. In case you haven't heard the news, the great socialist experiment was a miserable failure.
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Well if you want to fund them so damn badly, send them your money. There is nothing in the law that prevents you from contributing to them. It's when you want me to fund them that get my gall. Until that happens, I call bullshit, money talks, bullshit walks. If everyone backed up their mouth with their own money, we would have a lot fewer problems. In fact, I am all for a dead flat rate straight percentage income tax where everyone pays the same percentage of their income and that is the only tax and sole source of government funding. But only when the taxpayer directs the spending for the tax collected from them directly without any intervention from politicians or bureaucrats. Then we would really see where the bear shits in the buckwheat. Maybe then I would earmark some money for them.
It's pretty close to tax time for you to be advocating even more money for government. There are just too many bleeding asses out there right now so you're in dangerous territory. LOL
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Like I said you want them to be funded more so go fund them already. Just do it with your own money and not mine.
Go back and read what I said about flat taxes. It would be personal income tax only; I would not tax business because that is just a tax smoke screen for taxing the population more. Do you really think corporations just take the tax out of their profits and don't pass it along in the prices you pay for everything? Just exactly who owns the corporations, the greedy mean old CEOs and the rest of the meanies in the board room or stock holders who are for the most part us? What color is the sky in your world anyway? As I suggested to you before, open your eyes, engage your brain, take a look around you and get a clue or two.
You are absolutely right in one thing, the politicians will never let it happen. But that is just so long as you let them keep it that way becasue they are for the most part worthless as tits on a boar hog and could do nothing else. If everyone started using their own brains for a change instead of just regurgitating the bullshit that is shoved into their ears from the tube and the largely liberal academics (liberal is a misnomer in this context, irresponsible far left types is more like it), maybe then we could make some much needed changes. However, I do hate these types of folks slightly less than the defeatist who won’t even get off of their lazy asses to go vote or who do vote but vote for one of the “more of the same old shit” parties because thinking is just too damn hard for them to do.
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Sorry but you are mistaken. Bush is not, nor ever was my man as you call it. My views are very largly at odds with his on more issues than not. I am a Liberterain so to speak. Actually, I do not belive that political parties have a legitimate place in the scheme of things and we should try and do away with them all together. Yes, I am for keeping the Rubicon open but giving more money to government with not accomplish that goal. However, if you feel strongly that is the right approch please feel free to ante up.
Don't forget that for the most part, politicains are lawyers.
I like Mike's shoot them in the head idea better. Quick, clean and it gets the job done.
Good. Thanks.
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