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Rim size searching mission

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I'm currently running 265x75x16 tires that I just bought few months ago on stock rim (02 Tacoma V6,TRD). I wonder can I still use the mentioned tire size with different rims that have less backspacing ? I want to bring the tire out a bit and not thinking of using wheel spacers. About 1" or so. Any suggestions on rims ? Help a brother out !

Thanks in advance. Phu :eek:
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bb609 said:
I just changed aftermarket wheels(16 x 8's), 4" bs to 3 5/8". With 2" of lift, my 265/75's now rub at the pinch weld when stuffed. No big deal but they rub now where they didn't before with the 4" bs wheels.

I'm running 3" cornfed lift. BTW, may I ask what type/brand of rims are you running ? P
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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