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They have auctions running all over ebay. I figured they'd at least stock stuff.... I had my coilovers, leafs, shocks, wheels/tires etc. ready to roll.... It was a sunday I had decided to buy their lock-right and have it for the install the next saturday so I could go to the fl4wd campout the following weekend....

I bought it sunday night and paid for 3 day shipping just to be sure I had it.... Thursday rolls along I got nothing, I called them up. He said they dont stock anything, they drop ship from the manufacturer and that takes a couple days. I told him I needed it before saturday morning, he said I could upgrade the shipping and pay and it would be there monday. I gave the guy some shit for awhile, and finally he says, I'll have it there by tomorrow, no charge.... I got off the phone, sighed, thought I was screwed. I woke up friday morning, it was sitting on my door step, couldnt beleive it.

I guess they pulled through after all
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