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Hey all!

Glad to be here. I've been a recent lurker on these forums and am ready to get started. I am a firefighter in Kansas, I have a wife and 4 kiddos. I've always loved Toyota trucks and runners and have recently acquired one. It's a 95 xtra cab 5 speed with a blown 3VZ. It had a Jasper put in it about 80K ago, my little brother(17) was driving it and let it get hot, yet kept driving it. My dad didn't want it, so now it's mine. After tons of reading, I decided to do the 5VZ swap. I have all of the stuff to do the swap, maybe, and am ready to ask questions and post a build thread. after the motor swap comes the SAS. My brother has an 80s runner with the OM617, dual cases, full cage, yada yada yada, so he will be helping me. Wish me luck.



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