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I was hoping that someone could give me some suggestions on what to do. I am the original owner and have never had problems until now. I just cleared 90k, and I have a rough idle and loss of power. About a year ago my idle was really rough and my check engine light came on. I got some code stating it was running to rich and it pointed to the oxygen sensor. Had that replaced and was back in business.
Just recently that same rough idle if not worst is back. The thing is that my check engine light is not on and we have checked for pending codes which yields nothing. Besides the rough idle the truck has lost major power and when I do step on it, the intake noise is loud, like its not getting enough air. I can get the truck to any speed I like, but it just takes a bit longer and I can hear the engine ping a bit too. Things I have done:

-Cleaned MAF sensor
-Replaced MAF with known good sensor -another 99 prerunner
-Replaced Fuel filter since it seemed a bit clogged
-New air filter just because the old one was dirty ( not a big deal)
-Cleaned throttle

I am at a loss on what to do, with no check engine light I kind of have my hands tied down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced
Have u solved the problem yet?
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