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Good times, FJ Fowdie, stlstrs, TheeMikeB, and Chuck all hit Rubicon on Father's Day weekend.

Day one we wheeled to Buck, got rained on that night, wheeled back to the bridge for night 2, then headed out Sunday am. Good run, some mild dings and scrapes. Chad cracked his axle housing, luckily someone came by with an onboard welder and we got it fixed up.

Both Charlie and I had our diff plugs come out, this is not the first time for me either. We all said we are welding our plugs shut as our first repair when we get home. Cleaning up gear oil on the trail sucks.

I popped mine coming in in the granite bowl area, Charlie popped his on soup bowl. After we spent about 30 -45 minutes cleaning up all the oil, the next guy coming up popped a ps line and then got ps fluid all over where we just cleaned up.

Over all a great fun trip.

Here are some photos...

Rubicon June 17-19 2016 Slideshow by gunnacostya | Photobucket

and a few videos:

Chads Axle Repair:

Chuck's Water Crossing

Chad's Water Crossing

Charlie's Water Crossing
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