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TLCA Rubithon Event Info:
Online Registration:

Rubithon Tacoma Invasion
For 30 years the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) has been holding Land Cruiser-specific trail runs through the famous Rubicon trail and not once have they done an official Tacoma run group. Well, now that I'm wheel'n a late model Tacoma, I say enough is enough! For too many years these well-built, well-maintained, highly capable and beautiful Land Cruisers have been making Tacomas look like a possum's pecker and I say it's time we stand up and make a change! I say it's time we show these short wheelbases some new tricks! I say it's time the trail sees some modern pickup technology! I say it's time for the First Annual Rubithon Tacoma Invasion!

If you've got a Tacoma that's not afraid of some rocks, then please join Marlin Crawler this June 21 as I lead the first official Tacoma group in my 580:1 Triple Marlin Crawler Transfer Case'd 2016 3rd gen Tacoma during the extra-special 30th year celebration of the organization's oldest event through the most famous 4WD trail in the country. The Rubithon Event ( is the main event for the TLCA ( and has traditionally been the largest annual Toyota gathering on the Rubicon trail.

About the TLCA
Founded in 1976, the Toyota Land Cruiser Association is the international club for Toyota 4WD vehicle owners, and dedicates themselves to bringing together and promoting the interest of Toyota four wheeling. They are also entrusted by more than 50 chapter clubs around the world to preserve and protect the history of the Land Cruiser and Toyota's off-road heritage. The organization has an amazing history ( and has the longest running purely Toyota off-road publication known as the Toyota Trails which prints almost 25K copies annually (view the current edition online:

The TLCA, Marlin Crawler, and Modern Toyota Truck Owner Connection
As the TLCA was founded before the first 4WD Toyota pickup existed, historically it has been a Land Cruiser club. There are however, hundreds of Pickups, 4Runners, Tacomas, and FJ Cruisers registered with the TLCA today. In fact, the TLCA is directly responsible for why countless thousands use modern Toyota trucks and SUVs off-road today. Here is the connection between the TLCA, Marlin Crawler, and quite possibly you:
  • In 1983, Marlin met a TLCA member who convinced him to buy a Toyota Hilux pickup. Marlin did just that and joined the TLCA that same year.
  • After a decade of trying to outdo the Land Cruiser, in 1994 Marlin created the Marlin Crawler, which made the 1st/2nd/3rd gen Hilux Pickup and 1st/2nd gen Hilux 4Runner the most capable off-road Toyota vehicles on the market overnight.
  • Countless former Land Cruiser owners made the switch to a Pickup or 4Runner equipped with a Marlin Crawler transfer case system.
  • The overnight success from the Marlin Crawler brought such momentum to the Toyota off-road world that it transformed the previously dominated Jeep landscape. Prior to the Marlin Crawler, it was at best a 1:30 ratio of Toyota pickups to Jeeps on the trails. Since the Marlin Crawler changed the off-road world in 1994, trails such as the Rubicon now have almost a level playing field of Toyotas to Jeeps!
  • In conclusion, off-road going late model Toyota pickup and SUV owners likely chose a Toyota based on their incredible pickup off-road reputation which originated with the Marlin Crawler.
The TLCA, Marlin Crawler, and you: A history you may not have known existed!

How to participate
To participate, please register online at or by mail-in form (PDF) at During registration, sign up for the "Renegade Run" and specify in the comments sections that you'll be participating in the Tacoma Invasion Run. This year is a H-U-G-E celebration year, and registration includes emergency airlift service provided by CalStar at no extra cost.

What trucks are we looking for?
Anyone with a Rubicon-ready late model non-Land Cruiser Toyota 4WD: Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, T100, Tundra, Sequoia, or GX470!

What to do if you are not a TLCA Member?
TLCA membership is required to participate in official TLCA events. If you are not a member, then Marlin Crawler will cover the cost of General Membership by donating a $35 CRAWL Card to you at the event!

Marlin Crawler's Rubithon Tacoma Invasion Event details:
Thursday June 21, 2018
9:00am Driver's Meeting at Loon Lake Staging Area
12:00pm Lunch at or near the Little Sluice
4pm Setup camp at the official "Camp Marlin Crawler", Rubicon Trail Foundation's new Property

Friday June 22, 2018
9:00am Leave for the famous Springs Campground!
1:00pm Estimated arrival to the main event, Rubicon Springs Campground

Saturday June 23, 2018
Enjoy the many events planned for this year's 30th annual Rubithon:
* Wine Tasting to support the Rubicon Trail Foundation
* Off-road Educational Classes
* Horseshoe Tournament
* RC Rock Crawl Competition

Sunday June 24, 2018
6:00am Run the trail backwards, returning to Loon Lake
Optional: Complete the trail by continuing up Cadillac Hill and out to Lake Tahoe

Come wheel the Rubicon in your late-model Toyota with Marlin Crawler!
We hope you will consider supporting the TLCA and the longest running major annual Toyota event in the world this year with Marlin Crawler!

This year's 30th Anniversary Rubithon is expected to be one of the largest Rubithons in history!


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Please reply to this thread once registered for the event and the Tacoma Invasion Run so we can get a list of drivers together. :D

If you're already registered in a late-model Toyota and would like to join, then let me know and I can arrange with event chairman Eric to move you to this run
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