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:confused: Okay so I live in Michigan, I have had my truck out here for about 2 years. I washed the Taco yesterday and took a close look at the bottom half of the exterior...there are specks of rust on the paint and bumbers!!!! What can I do to get this crap off?? Mind you, I am originally from California. Please help.

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You'll have to sand to stop the problem. However WD-40 will prevent further damage till it's warm out.
I.m assuming by orange you mean rusty. You can hit it with a good wire brush attachment to get the rust off. you'll probably notice that the metal is pitted from the rust. The better you remove it the longer it will last. The rust is on the surface, if it were to be through the frame it would be structurally unsound and probably would have broke already. Think of when they restore old cars. They strip it down to shiny metal and repaint it. Paint wont stick to rust for long so the more time you spend now, the less youll spend later. Be prepared to spend some money on a good strong air tool or drill wire brush. It could take many hours but it could the motor if done proper.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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