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:confused: Okay so I live in Michigan, I have had my truck out here for about 2 years. I washed the Taco yesterday and took a close look at the bottom half of the exterior...there are specks of rust on the paint and bumbers!!!! What can I do to get this crap off?? Mind you, I am originally from California. Please help.

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I am in Ohio so we get just as much salt dumped on the roads here. For surfaces that arent painted, I use a product called POR15. I did my front skid plate with it and it came out perfect, It has held up without so much as a chip this winter. For the chrome bumper you can do the inside of the bumper with it but on the outside you need to use some coca cola. and rub it with aluminum foil. Viola perfect bumper again. Try on of the por15 kits that come with everything, its only like 15.00 and you can test it out. Kit doesnt cover much but itll give u an idea how it works.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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