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:confused: Okay so I live in Michigan, I have had my truck out here for about 2 years. I washed the Taco yesterday and took a close look at the bottom half of the exterior...there are specks of rust on the paint and bumbers!!!! What can I do to get this crap off?? Mind you, I am originally from California. Please help.

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I live in Michigan also & all I can say is to hit one of those big automatic car washes every week or so. The ones that spray the underbody and everything. Around here there are some goods ones named Americas Finest Car wash.
When I got my truck I painted the backside of my bumpers with some rust preventative paint, dont know if it did a thing but it made me feel alittle better.

Im near Detroit, if you guys ever want to put together a little wheeling trip...not that there alot of places around here... let me know .
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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