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I may have the deal of the decade for the right buyer!
Need help from the loving Toyota community to find a deserving home for my Tacoma.
I'm a die hard Toyota truck enthusiast with 10+ years experience.
A few years back I purchased a rebuilt salvage, tacoma.
It is a late 2001 TRD , Double Cab (4-door), V6. 140,000 mi.
To my knowledge, they never made a 5-speed 4-door, so I swapped one in.
The swap was meticulously done and came out perfect.
At the time I was an ASE certified mechanic and had access to a complete shop and every tool and piece of equipment possible.
So I decided to do a SAS on it. This would be my second SAS, so I knew what I was doing this time and was going to make it perfect. This was not my daily driver so it didn't matter how long it sat on jack stands.
I removed all factory front suspension, and cut off all front suspension brackets leaving it just as two bare frame rails.
It was around this time that everything in my life took a shit.....(mother passed away, divorce, .....aaaand the owner of the shop I worked at , and where the the truck was being built .... apparently hadn't pain taxes on a loooong time and the IRS came and straight shut him I was out of a job, & a shop for my project.
The truck was relocated to my dad's barn/shed and has sat ever since.
I don't, and probably never will have the means to finish it, and it has so much potential, it kills me to know it's just sitting there wasting away.
As it sits, there is no way to even attach front wheels, so to the average buyer, it isn't worth jack squat.
But I know to the right person it is worth a whole lot.
It's a beautiful truck. Relatively low miles for a Tacoma, and the fact it's a super unique 4-door with a 5-speed manual definitely makes it highly desirable !!
It's also a real TRD, with the E-Locker in rear....and power everything.

I'm not looking to get top dollar for it.
It's not perfect, I've robbed a few parts off her for my other Tacoma...and it still has lots of work ahead....
But I really hope there is someone looking for the perfect truck to do an SAS build on and get a whole hell of an awesome truck for their money.
I'm open to offers &/or trades.
I'm open to advice & opinions as well.
Please help.
Do it for the taco, not for me. She needs a loving home.
I'd be happy getting around $2500 for her.
Really don't want her to get parted out either....but I guess as a last resort I'll consider it.

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