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Current Specs :

1999 Tacoma Single Cab.
2.7L 5Speed 4X4 with Marlin Crawler 1200# clutch
5.29's and Lockright lockers front and rear.
OME 882's/ N91's (Front) and Allpro 3's/ 10" Bilstien 5150's (Rear)
315/75/R16 Goodyear MTR Kevlars on American Eagle Alloy Series 101 16x8's with 3.75 backspacing.
4Xinnovations sliders and front bumper (with Lightforce 170's courtesy of Pismo Jambo '09)
Homebrew rear bumper
Skidrow front IFS and Tcase skid plate
Bed Bobbed 10"
01+ 2.7 Mini header and Dynomax Muffler
07 Scion TC seat swap
Pro-fit GPS mount
Yellow box speedometer calibrator

Feel Free to PM with any questions or comments :)

2nd day I had her.

Less then a week after I got her...
4xinnovations Sliders...

Cb mounting and Tom Tom One.

Got a few more things done :

Pulled the Add-A-Leafs cause they rode like ass.

Cb Antennae Mount

And De-Chromed the Fenders

Oh, I finally got around to putting my 1 Kicker 10" and 300X1 amp in, Much better

And recieved some parts

OME 881's and N91S's, Lockright Rear locker, Toyota mini header conversion, The headers are in, Locker will be in on 5/3, And lift will be done when I get funds for the rear springs..

Oh, And heres some non poser shots from Calico a couple weekends back


Initial thoughts, Not really noticeable when turning from a dead stop like a stop sign or something, But going about 40-50 and purposely slightly jerking the wheel back in forth I could deff tell it wasnt there.
I crawled a few malls and drove around town a bit and im gettin used to it.

The drive to work tomorrow is very curvy, So I guess that'll be a good time to get used to it more..

Thanks for looking :cool:

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Dechromed, lifted..Uhh IDK but theres other shit

All-Pro 3" rear springs, U bolt flip kit, Ext brake lines Bilstien 5150 10"ers. OME 881 fronts with N91S's



Underneath :

This is how she'll flex with still another 1" before bumpstops, Oh lil bit of body damage :

TacoDell, If you ever read this THANK YOU !!!!

Edit: Thanks for the name change mods !!

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Well ^^Those^^ Pics blow so im gonna add a couple

This weekend.

Last weekend.

My Taco and my dads 99 4Runner.

Oh, 21 MPG Higway, ~~16-17 Mixed. Not bad I say.

Oh, And just did a tuneup : Fuel filter, Air filter, PVC valve and grommet, plugs, Tcase, Trans, And front diff ( rear was done with locker install like 4k ago so not worried about it ) ;
Zerks all around were hit about 2 weeks ago (I think the rear drive shaft needs new U's as well as shaft seals on the slip yoke.)

SOO, Up next.
Budbuilts are my birthday present, Exactly one month from today ill be 19 :D
They'll be on the way soon.
After that im thinking front locker.
Somewhere in between those two will be a bed bob, Cause the bed is just too damn long :saw::welder:

Hope you enjoy :)

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Yeah not much of an update, I know sorry.

But I was visiting Texas, And I got some wheelin done at Hidden Falls, near Marble Falls
I think this is the best picture of my truck thus far..

Bud builts soon damnit..
Couple other little things should be soon, Satoshi (picking up a spare grille), rear diff breather..Chit like that..

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Bobbed the bed, Still a work in progress, Ill update more when im done..

Yes the frame rails have been cut since this picture.

EDIT 8/29/09
Bob is done for the most part. Got it all seam welded, bond-oed, and sprayed some white primer over it..

PS came out a bit better then I thought it would

Finally got around to painting the rear bedsides black..

The other side looks exactly the same..

I will admit, there are still a couple gaps inside the bed, But I'm hoping eventually I can get to a welding shop and they can braize it..

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Finally got some underbelly protection courtesy of Skid Row OffRoad
I got the front IFS skid, and the transfer case skid. I passed on the transmission skid that goes from the rear of the front crossmember (under the rack and pinion) to the front of the Tcase Xmember.
Why you ask ?
A: I have a manual transmission, Not an auto with a rock magnet of an ATF fluid pan, so for now Im not too worried about it
B: Short wheel base FTW.

These are about $60 cheaper then BB front, already come powder coated ( IDRC), look just as good as BB's AND have a stock size hole for oil changes

Reminds me of some dual case Xmember



1/2" or so there..

Yes I know my sliders need to be repainted :flipoff4:

The check list of future mods is as follows in no particular order

Gears (4.88's, Maybe 5.29's)
Rear Bumper
Rear diff armor
Rock lights
Yellow Top Battery
1" BL
Power mirror swap
Paint ?

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In those pictures ^^ you see a TJM bumper, But the approach angle with it sucked and it was 110 pounds
So I sold it and contacted Adam at 4Xinnovations
It took 1 month and 1 day to receive the bumper but it was well worth the wait

Here it is in action recently :

Changed the color from white to black :

The bumper is really well constructed and saved me some body damage with the wraparounds. Yes it is painted white.

Also you can see the Lightforce 170's I won at the Pismo Jamboree back in september, They are awesome BTW.
They are wired up with the lightforce wiring harness with a stock fog light switch :

Why can't the tacoma's have as many blank switch spots like the 4runners ??!

Oh, Update on the skid's. Love them. They have held up very well so far.

Should be getting some AP UCA's soon, as well as some 4.88's with a front locker. Stay Tuned :)

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Time for a Clutch !

Well at 120,xxx miles, the clutch was about done. I dont think it was stock anyway, Felt way stiffer then a stock clutch..

Soo, I contacted Marlin Crawler and ordered up a 1200# heavy duty clutch

The plan was to do it all by myself, This would be the first time I did something this big on a vehicle. Basically that's mainly true, the only time I needed help was getting the transmission back into the place. The input shaft would not slide through the pilot bearing to save my life, so I needed an extra set of hands, eyes and muscles.

Here's some pics:

My trick on the front driveshaft bolts :)

Everyone says you need 36" extensions for the top bell housing bolts, but I got away with 22" and a swivel

The flywheel and the burnt clutch material

The old one. Which does not say AISIN on it anywhere..

After it was all said and done it shifts pretty damn well, Im liking the clutch so far :)

EDIT: She also got these (factory Toyota) at 112,xxx.. A few months back, So the clutch should be in tip top order and ready for another 100K

That's about it for that..

Working on some quick disco mud flaps ATM and I should have 4.88's within the next month or so..

Need to start planning replacement of Balljoints and inner and outer TRE's, No real problem, but I feel it should be done..

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Finally made some quick disco mud flaps..

Started off with the pins from ace hardware (5 bucks)

I also went to HD and got a six foot piece of 1/8" angle iron (11.97)

Trimmed the stock flaps.. (before and after)

The rear bolt is the one they are bolted in between

Test fit

Flap connected


I know they need to be painted, I dont have time today, and tomorrow is wheelin. So they will be painted sunday

Also, I know there is a possibility that they can twist front to back with wind from highway driving. If I notice that happening I will make a small tack weld to keep them in place. Once I make a bumper a wraparound support will probably take place of this..

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Got a Dynomax super turbo model number 17747..

Havent noticed much extra noise or power but I maybe feel a teensy bit more extra torque and throttle response.. I also have had an exhaust leak at the header that I just fixed, so maybe it'll get louder or something, who knows..

it was 56 shipped from amazon..

Other then that, I don't have much else new.. I have 5.29's and lockrights F/R on the way though :)

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Finally got geared, and I added a front lockright at the same time. So now it's 5.29's and Lockrights F/R

I shipped my diffs out to ECGS first so my rear lockright could be installed with my new gears, here's how my truck sat for 2 weeks..

I received the gears at 2:15pm ish friday and had the truck ready for AZRocks 2010 by 7:30PM ish... I drove about 25 miles and then let the truck sit for a few hours..

All in all I LOVE the 5.29's and the front lockright on and offroad. The locker did not bug me as much as the web wheelers will make you think :rolleyes:

at 70 MPH on the highway, I got 17 MPG.. The truck was cruising at around 3200 RPM...
HOWEVER, I kicked it down to 60 MPH, and I got 22MPG, and that's loaded with a shit ton of camping gear, 2 coolers and alot of water and gas tools yada yada..

And because pics or it didn't happen, here's a couple from AZRocks 2010
(Pics borrowed from Igor :) )

My camping spot near Lake Havasu

I also did the corner blinker mod a while back, but we all know what that looks like..

I think future plans are a 1"BL, 35's, crawler box.. probably in that order.. who knows..

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Finally got around to doing the extended rear diff breather..
I used the write up here on CT

Got the union from Northridge Toyota Parts, my local dealer said they don't stock it and I have to buy 10 :rolleyes:

Ran it up to the fuel filler neck..

Zip tied in place and ready to go

I think it added like 7HP..

If I have water up that far, I think I'll have worse problems. But this is where most people run the breather so that works for me.

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It's been a while since I updated. Got a few things done.

I installed Scion TC "Spec" seats in place of my stock Tacoma seats

Installed a yellow box speedometer calibrator. Write up here

Installed a Profit GPS mount with Garmin Nuvi adapter

Replaced the ball joints all around. PITA. My advice. Just pull the knuckles and take it to a shop. The place I go to that assembles struts, does suspension work and such charged me $40 to press in the upper ball joints. The lowers were a sinch.
I also replaced the outter TRE's while I was at it. And the alignment tech said the inners are done :rolleyes:

Since I needed the alignment I added 2 trim packers. The 881's were sagged to shit. I think the OME springs have a problem staying tight when you actually wheel on em. But whatever.

I purchased a kenwood HD545U which is not installed yet. I'm waiting until I recieve the Sirius tuner to install the H/U

Working on a rear bumper, I'll update this when it is finished

I think that's all I got. Heres a few recent wheelin pictars.

John Bull


Person taking this picture was standing level. The angle you see me at is pretty true. Talk about pucker factor. :eek:

If you don't like big pictars... :flipoff4:

Thanks for looking :cool:

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My Motto: Build it, wheel it, break it, fix it.

Yep. Thats where the fun is at. Building it, getting out on the trail and breaking it and finding where the weak links are at the same time. Then getting in the garage all day to fix it....

On my last outing I must have high centered on my Transfercase skid plate. Due to this plate being exactly where my breakover angle is the skid plate has been slowly bending upwards but only now did I realize how much. On start up and shut down the Tcase would rattle in to the plate. Wasn't a huge deal as I couldn't really see this leading to a severe failure on the transfercase but I wasn't just going to let it go.

Just before I pulled the plate for repair

I made a line at just about where the front case drop ended and where I'd be able to add metal. (Name that leak :p ) You can also see where the case was contacting just in front of the drain hole on the plate

Not the best picture but you can kind of see the gap..

I beat it out :confused: :p then welded this to the underside to prevent warping. You can see just how much I actually use this skid. If it wasn't there I'd have been stopped in my tracks on the trail a LONG time ago.

I had some scrap 1.5X1.5 square tube that I welded in place to add rigidity.

Painted it, bolted it up.. all is good.

Going to be giving the same treatment to my gas tank skid plate tomorrow. Also, I am in the process of finally filling in a lot of gaps in the bed bob. Not going to take pics of that as theres not much to look at.. just a bunch of booger welds.

This repair should keep me good to go for a good long time.

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Updating from the iPhone, on my way to takeover.
Changed the oil in this thing yesterday and added a fumoto quick oil drain valve to ease in no mess oil changes. The hose you see in the pic was cut to about 6", stuck on the end of the drain nipple and tucked under/ into my skidrow skid.

Sometimes, it's the little things ;)

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Bought and welded on an allpro diff guard: (don't mind the booger looking welds). I've already scraped and dragged it around and it ain't moving

Also rewired my door and kick panel shit with "Performance connection systems" connectors. In a nutshell:
The connectors were about 7$ each. A bit spendy but well worth it.
The reason I did this was due to the PO's alarm installation. It has aftermarket door lock actuators wired straight through the pass through from door to kick panel. Well that doesn't work too well when you need to take of the door to go wheelin. I finally got tired of using the key to lock and unlock the door as well as use the remote to disarm the alarm.

Heres the way its wired up. I have 4 of the male connectors and 2 female connectors. The 2 female connectors are wired into the kick panel with the speaker wires and the alarm wires. The male connectors are wired into the door, obviously to the speaker and the door lock actuators. I have 2 extra male connectors. Those will be used to wire into an extra set of speakers that will be temp mounted when I pull the doors off to go wheelin. Clear as mud?

Original junk and the loose aftermarket wiring

All done

Also wired up a Happy Light volt meter

Have a spare steering rack in the garage just chillin.. waiting.. I'll eventually throw some new inner tres on it and a new rack guide and replace my rack. Eventually. I'm having no problems with my steering at the moment.



Also I should be picking this up in about 12 hours from now.
I will be slowly buying parts to build a doubler with it.

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Bought some 35's last month. Been working on getting the truck going since then. Its finally wheelable. Still have a few odds and ends to tie up.

More tubbing info

Had them mounted up on some american eagle 101's that I painted a metallic aluminum and did some trimming.

On all 4

I also had to remount the sliders. Did so with adequate plating and gusseting.

I finally got to wheel the truck today..
Heres some good pics.. Thanks to John (Rivethead242) for some of these!


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