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anestech* said:
If I did shocks, what do you guys recommend. OME was the ideal option for small lifts on ZJs and WJs, so I know they make good stuff. Also like Bilstein 5100s, but don't know if they make anything for the front (or the rear, for that matter).
OME's are a good lift for the Taco, I'm running 881 coils (with one trim packer per side) and N91SC shocks up front, and shackles out back (Downey Rubicon shackles that is). Still no new rear shocks... The front set up was good for 2.25" after settling.

They're economical and ride much better than stock, but not as good as more expensive coil over units. I paid ~350 USD for the front set up, and 60 for the rear, I've yet to factor in about another 150 for rear shocks (going with Bil 5100's when I do).
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