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Seat Compatability?

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The search goes on--
I spent some time at a junk yard today looking for a decent hole free, reasonably clean set of bucket seats for the "93--no luck at all at the first place. In fact there were hardly any trucks there to look at in any condition so it looks like i may need to look at these other options.

Option 1
Does anyone know what bucket seats--preferably 60/40--will swap into a "93 extended cab ?

Option 2
It doesn't have to be Toyota if there is a really good alternative -any known swapouts that work well from other vehicles

Option 3
Who has a budget priced bucket seat (folding) that might do the job?
I was told there are $50.00 seats out there somewhere--seems to good to be true.
Grey is the color I need but may have to settle for whatever and put on covers. Cloth obviously should be cheaper but a leather in an older car or truck model would really be nice on the clean up end.
Links to seat sites will be appreciated.

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If you want the 60/40 format, you're best off searching for seats from a '89+ Toyota truck. Nothing's guaranteed to bolt "as is" into a Toyota truck except seats from the same generation Toyota truck. As you move outward to other Toyota models, you drop to 2 or 3 holes per seat lining up, then having to fab a mounting whatever for the rest. It's the ***mounting*** that's always the hassle, not the seat. Used OEM and aftermarket buckets can be had on eBay. There's at least one set of 60/40 seats (blue) on eBay as of today (1/16/05). For more info, check my seat installation articles over at the CustomTacos Tech section...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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