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seized sleeves on leaf springs

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I am swapping leaf springs, and I cannot get the bolt on the hangers to come off. What has happened is the sleeve has seized to the bolt, so when I try to loosen it, the sleeve spins inside of the rubber bushing. When I try to bang on the bolt with a hammer, the sleeve just hits against the side of the spring hanger and bends the hangar wall. I've tried cutting the sleeve and bolt out, but gave up after 5 minutes with the sawz-all and about 1/8" of progress. I am going to take the oxyacentyle torch to the bolt to attempt to heat it up really good then bang on it tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas. I worked on it for 5 hours today and called it quits until tomorrow. Thanks!

oh yeah, on my way to menards I caught some static from the fuzz... i've had my SAS since early december, and a PARK RANGER pulled me over for exceeding the maximum allowed bumper height of 30 inches by a full 7 inches. $75.00... screw that. I'm just going to make some bullshit bumper that makes it sit at 30 inches, take it over the the prosecutors office and get the ticket dismissed, then put my 37" of height bumper back on!
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first i would try and see if u can spray a crc or rust remove fluid and let it sit and spray continuously over time, if not try using a cutting wheel, cut between the gap of the hanger and spring, i would use the torch as ur last option
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