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I had a little "talk" with the wife, it's time to let my 4Runner go. it was my daily driver till 3 months ago when I bought a Honda Odyssey. yes, I drive a minivan now.

99 SR5, 5-Spd manual, 3.4L 4WD, 190k miles. non-elocker :(

it's a southern california truck, I brought it with me when I moved here few years back. so it's not a typical midwest rust bucket.

it has complete Sonoran Steel 1.2 lift($1,600 with custom valved Bilstein shocks, both front and rear. ($400 more expensive than the current version which Bilstein shocks only on the front)

Marlin 1200 Clutch, ARB front bumper, BruceTS rear bumper, Tundra Brakes, Brembo rotors, Stubb's Welding HD-SKO sliders. Redline hood struts. 80 series Landcruiser wheels. deck plate mod, intake silencer removed.

the gear box had a bad output shaft bearing, I ended up had a full rebuild ($2200) at Titus Trans in Avon in April, 2009 with new Marlin 1200lb clutch kit.

Air Condition was reclaimed and recharged last year.

full synthetic gear oil in all the diff's, tranny and t-case.

Timing belt/water pump was changed at 120k miles.

Mobile1 oil change every 5000 miles.

brake fluid flushed 6 month ago when I changed LR axle seal.

rear wheel bearings, inner and out on both sides were replaced around 125k miles.

O2 sensor, sparkplugs were replaced around 150k miles, OE plugs, should be good for another couple years.

all 3 belts were replaced with Gates made in USA belts 4 months ago.

tires were bought new in June 2009.

just to sweeten up the deal, I'm throwing in all the parts I have accumulated over the years, all Toyota OE parts.
-Power Steering Pump(not pictured)
-complete fuel rail with fuel pressure regulator
-full set of 6 fuel injectors, cleaned.
-full set of 3 ignition coils
-plug wire set
-mass air flow sensor
-valve cover gasket set
-intake plenum gasket set
-throttle body with throttle position sensor
-clutch slave cylinder
-air box
-evap switch
-fan clutch with pulley
-inner tie rod end
-shifter lever with 4th gen shifter knob
-complete transfer case
-2 clutch throwout bearings
-timing belt tensioner pulley
-3 O2 sensors


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I want to start a 529 college fund for my 2 young boys(2yo and 3 month old). so no trades.


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My wife has been wanting a second or third gen runner & I know how well you maintain your vehicles! I would love to tell you it was already sold, but you know my finances so this hopefully serves as a long winded bump!
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