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ShadyRevelation said:
I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD and am getting the extended travel donahoe coilovers, camburg upper control arms, bilstein 5100s, TC 1" diff drop, deaver 8 pack, TC steering rack bushings and plan on running 33s. I was wondering what kind of shackles I should get with this. I have been looking at the Downey shackles, but I do not know whether the Heavy Duty or the Rubicon shackles are better and what kind of lift rating they have. I think I should be looking for shackles that provide about 1" of lift, correct? I was also wondering if I should get a hi-angle CV boot kit and where I can find one. A.O.R makes some steel wheel spacers to widen the stance of your truck. What would be the advantage/disadvantage of these and does anyone have them on their truck? Also if I could get some recommendations on brands of rims to look at for my 33s. If there are any other upgrades you think I should do at the same time let me know. Thanks for you help.
do you want the rear to sit ass high? the donahoes are set @ 2" from Donahoe.
the deaver 8 leaf will give you 2" of lift when settled. With the donahoes @ 2.5" the truck sits level (w/the 8leaf pack).
with a shackle your ass will be sittiing higher, they wear out the leafs faster too. if you are looking for the lift from the shackle, just have deaver arch the springs for your disired lift.

FYI, @ 2.5" my cv boots wore out pretty fast... 5-8K miles.. they are still not leaking but they have one hell of a groove. :/ I have the CVUnlimited high angle boots on my drivers side... and i think they are worse than the stock 04' boots! I think they shipped me the wrong ones. Make sure you order the ones for the HIGH ANGLE lift...

rims? depends on your taste. I have the same rims that wheelers sells they fit fine, but they are 24lbs each w/o the tire. that's a ton of rolling mass with sliders, my offroad rack, spare, the DC and all the other crap that i drive around with. The wheelers's rims have a 3.75" offset which brings the tires to stick out of the fender 1/2 to 1" from the 2004 flairs (thicker than previous flairs)

wheel spacers? I had 3/8" spacers and they worried me. I can't really comment on the AOR ones... why do you want them?

start looking for a spare cv and spare parts, if you wheel... something will happen eventually.

Sliders are always a good investment if you wheel.. even if you don't rock crawl they can save your ass if you get high center'd on a tree or on hard packed dirt.... there are tons of mods you can do... it all depends on the $$ you are willing to put out.

For the Camburg a-arms... MAKE SURE you get 4 washers PER a-arm, the bushings and the sleves for the bushings. Snap rings... not sure if you get them with the kit now.. but you MUST have 2 snap rings for the spindle adapters.

who are you going through to get this stuff? can set you up.

if you have questions ask away on here or email me: [email protected]
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