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I have a '96 Taco. I recently replaced the hangers on the rear end and added a set of Deaver springs and longer shackles.

I took it into a shop that does 4x4 work and had them lift the rear with a fork lift to measure max droop and compression.

At rest the mount to mount length is 20.875". With the rear end off the ground it is 26.75". I can't seem to find my notes from that day but the leaves flattened out after 2" of compression. So assuming I lower the bump stop to limit travel at the center of the spring to be 2" and taking the angle of the shock into consideration, max compression would be about 18.775"

So they took the measurements and I had them order the correct Bilstein 5125 shocks for me. I received a pair of 33-185552.

Here's a link to a list of Bilstein's products and their lengths.

Before I call them up and blast them for ordering the wrong part and wasting my time, can anyone verify that these are or are not the best ones from the list? Seems like they should have ordered 33-104652 to me.

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