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Shock Length?

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What specs as far as length and such should i look for? I am lifted two inches in the back and want to find an off the shelf shock for my application. I am doing this as a fast replacement and dont have the cash for Bilsteins....anyway thanks.
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22-23 inches extended, let me give you a Gabriel part number (G63494) You can get these at AutoZone for $25.99 each, they are almost the same lenght as OME rears 22.5" vs 23" they are large diameter and really ride well for an economy shock. I use these on the rears of both my Tacomas. If you look to the right you can just barely see them. I use OME struts and coils on front, and AAL on rear. If you call ARB/OME they will tell you the length, if you need a special length, Rancho can guide you by length.
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