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I Did my SAS a month ago, and now my bank account is starting to recover... I bought Bilstein 14" long travel shocks and they're fine up front, but they are way too long in the rear. I have the standard shock crossmember directly over the rear axle with the / \ style shocks. The shocks almost mount on top of the axle tube. Anyway, what length of shocks is everyone running. With the 14s, I only had around 2-3" of the rod of the shock showing. I am trying to decide between 10" and 12" bilsteins. Any ideas?
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If you are interested, I have some Bilstein 5100's in the 12" travel that I would be willing to trade. They have been on my truck for less than a month now, but I am getting ready to add a little more lift and will need the travel. They were put on brand new, and are basically brand new, although I cut the boots off them to keep them from trapping dirt.

Let me know if you are interested in trading, and if not, I may be interested in buying the 14" travel ones from you in a few weeks if you want to sell them.

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