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What Shock should i order for my truck??? I have the Deaver 7pack and my shocks are way too stiff, i have the bilstien 5100's. What to other owners have??
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ive had the springs for 10 months, i think that they would have settled after i hauled around a 1200 lb rock from a friends lanscaping company, and yes it was 1200 lbs, we weighed it. I drove around with that thing in the back for like 2 weeks..
98 Taco said:
Joe, sell them or remove some leaves
def try removing the leaf pack and removing some leaves
come up to Chicago
On my way!
cauch235 said:
go with 5150s i have ridden in my friends rig with them and i love them... i would get a pair myself but i dont have the money.... if you are gonna get rid of your 5100s i will buy them!?!?!?
When you wanna buy em??
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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