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Ive had the 5150's on the truck and now i run the 5125's, the 5150's i had were the heaver valved ones that i used temporartly while waiting on my 5125's. i think with the lighter valving the 5150's would be great. however i do have the 63" chevy springs out back so that probably makes a difference...

drinkintedbr said:
A buddy of mine was going to get the toytec lift. He wanted me to get opinions about some shocks. Has anyone heard anything about the Rancho RSX's. I know that the bilstein 5100 series is on backorder everywhere, but what about the 5150. Are they worth the extra money? Also, what size shocks would he be needing to get because I have no clue?

Oh yeah, any other recommendations?

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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