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This Pro-Multiple Use Petition came out of California. *It is to counter legislation being proposed by Senator Boxer (D) of California. *Although this is a California bill, we all know what starts in California tends to influence bills that other states (like Utah) will see in the future.

Senator Boxer (D) is proposing closure of a significant amount of off-road riding area. We need to sign this petition to support Back Country Recreation. Please go to this link website and sign this petition. Please tell Senator Boxer (D) how you feel by supporting motorized Back Country Recreation

Back in the 70's, the wilderness area north of highway 78 was instituted by Congress and the rest of the Glamis Dunes were intended for motorized recreation in perpetuity. We all know how that turned out. Along come other groups that want to close the rest of the area.
In the past, concessions have been made allowing other lands to be designated Wilderness, while leaving remaining lands open to Multiple Use. Contrary to these past agreements Wilderness advocates now want the remaining lands, and we will not stand for continued loss of our public lands to recreate on. This petition is being supported by ASA (American Sand Association) and several other pro-access groups.

Public Lands Petition - Act Now OR Loose Your Access
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