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sky-manufacturing and pitman inserts

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I tried to order a pitman arm insert from Sky Manufacturing, and they said that they wouldn't be back until the 28th. I really need this adapter, does anyone know of another place that sells them? Thanks.
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I have a stock pitman arm off a 4-runner that has the insert in it. It has a little bit less drop than a regular arm. I milled the insert at school, tapered it for chevy TRE's, and had the insert TIG welded in by the welding teacher.

$40 shipped, I can get you a pic if needed, just PM me.

Thanks! BTW, I think FROR sells just the inserts?
took a piece of 1 1/4 bar stock, drilled out the hole in the pitman arm to 1 1/4, chucked the bar stock in the lathe and drilled out the center, then left it in the lathe and ran the tapered reamer up in it. Since it was not a press fit into the pitman arm I had a teacher TIG weld it in. Did all that work and then I wasn't even able to use it because it had too much drop and was slightly too long. If you have your stock pitman arm, I will do $30 shipped if you send me that arm, as a friend was going to buy this one, but I can make him another if you send me your arm.

Here is a pic of the arm, it is 6 1/4 from center to center of each hole. 3 1/4 from top to bottom of the arm. Is this less drop than a regular truck arm? Come to think of it, I don't know what it came off of, I got my steering box off a 4-runner, but I traded some guy some u-bolts or something for this pitman arm. It does fit a toyota steering box though, as I had it on mine at one time.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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