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Snow and Ice Tips?

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Hey I've been driving in the snow and Ice for years now in the Mountains of Washington State, but I thought it might be interesting to hear what tips you all have for better driving in the snow and ice, both for commuting and for fun!
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When I was younger (16) - my dad took me to an empty parking lot full of snow in an Oldsmobile Delta 88. He forced me to slam on the brakes and induce a fishtail. As much as I was SCARED TO DEATH about doing this and I cried the whole entire time while he's yelling at me..... Having that experience, I'm not afraid of the snow and I definately know what to do in the event of a fishtail.

Street driving??
Extra weight (and full tank of gas) in the bed, GO SLOW, leave plenty of room in front of you, start slowing down early, never slam on the brakes, Get out and drive..get used to your vehicle and how it reacts...
If you're locked up....Go even slower, get A/T treads, and learn the manners of being locked in the snow.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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