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Snow and Ice Tips?

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Hey I've been driving in the snow and Ice for years now in the Mountains of Washington State, but I thought it might be interesting to hear what tips you all have for better driving in the snow and ice, both for commuting and for fun!
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Never pass up the opportunity to stay home in front of a fire with a hot babe...avoiding the snow and ice in the process!! LOL!

I can only echo what they teach here:

I will add you can't fight physics and expect to win...changes in momentum are what cause problems in slippery conditions...the steadier you keep your momentum the better success you'll have avoiding losing control or getting stuck, learning to manage and anticipate how the conditions will effect your vehicle gives you a better chance to react before its to late...the key is traction!

I practice controlled skids as often as I can!! LOL

EDIT: tips located here
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