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So I just ordered a generic ricer style K&N FIPK from eBay

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It's ugly as hell, but for $46 shipped, I figured, why not? I don't mind the noise increase, and have had great luck with FIPKs on two vehicles in the past.

I'll be sure to report on how well it works, or doesn't.

Hopefully, I will have a K&N drop in with only 6,000 miles on it for sale soon. :D

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If the filter looks a little "iffy" you could try one of those K&N Drycharger filter wraps for a little added insurance. I have one on my FIPK & its nice peace of mind with little or no air flow restriction.
The beauty of the Drycharger is it not only helps filter dirt, but it also sheds water off of you happen to get a little splash of water under the hood. The foam pre chargers just soak it in. I got mine from
dstrbdone said:
Be careful when you recharge the filter with oil. Use a very light amount. The mass air sensors are very sensitive. I paid over 200 for mine and honestly I think it works way better in a plastic bag in my garage. To me the deckplate mod worked just as good and the factory drop in filter protects way better. Just hold the K&N filter up to the light and look through it. Too much daylight for my liking. Especially for offroading. Not trying to dis K&N obviously they do something right they seem to be very popular. Just letting you know my experience. Oh also the heatshield moves with the engine. Eventually cracking my inner fender where its lower mount is.

Wow sound like you had a bad experience with yours! What did you try to install it on anyway? It doesn't sound anything like whats on my 3.4. I think most of the trouble people have with K&N's is the way they service them....too much oil or blowing them out with compressed air. I cannot see any daylight through mine, but for peace of mind I added the Drycharger, mainly for keeping out water. As for the heatshield moving with the engine??? How? Its bolted to the fender & rad support???? Not even connected to the engine. The actual intake tube is the only thing connected to the engine & it has space from the heatshield. I think you are a bit confused.... :confused: I took mine off to a direct comparison with my deck plate & K&N stock comparison. With the FIPK Gen II my motor tachs up quicker & gets better mpg. Its back on as we speak.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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