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So I'm a newbie again?

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Handle :MarzzTaco
Real Name : Marleau Belanger
Started wheeling with a busted-up CJ-7 and upgraded to a Tacoma in 2000. I've been a member on ttora since then.
MODs very quickly include
9" Total lift 7 + 2
35 BFG ATs
Custom Front Winch bumper with Warn M8000 winch
Custom made rear bumper
Locked front end
and more odds and bobs

Couple years ago I started a part time business fabricating bumpers and sliders and have done 90% of my sales either on this group or other internet means of marketing. I will going into it full time this spring.

I like to help when I know the answers....and if I ever need help this is the first place I go....if my repair manual doesn't cover it that is.
I'm not sure if I would have made it through my trailmaster install without the help of several members on this forum. Thanks guys!
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What's up you fukin NOOB! LOL

(Just kidding, welcome back)

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