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Courtesy of Tacoeng:

The 2014 Calico run turned out to be a fantastic time. The Calico area is a great place to explore and we were not disappointed on this run. Daisy and I took a lot of pictures that I am still working on but here are a few for starters.

The 2 main trails that were run on Saturday was Odessa and Duran. This is the beginning of Odessa.

Rock Movers :confused:

Dawson running the obstacle course. Fun section for the 2nd gen Tacoma's

Flyte74 continuing down the obstacle course.

BASEjumper running the rocks.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Wide truck, Narrow trail, Large rock = BAAAAAANG and so much for the KM2

Just had to show this one.

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Courtesy of ShowStop:

All my pics are here-

We started the drivers meeting about 9:30am. We had a total of 10 trucks that split into 2 groups. One group went up Odessa, the other Doran.

The first major obstacle on Doran is the slot canyon with the asphalt ledge on the right side. It had been majorly stacked and filled with rocks making it a very easy obstacle.

Frank going through

Garry in the land yacht

Frank climbing up one of the various ledges.

Then we hit the waterfall obstacle near the top of the trail.

Me going up-

Frank was next-

Garry was up next-

Leon pulled up the rear-

After lunch, as a group we decided to head over to Wall Street Overlook. The original trail was washed out years ago, and now it offers a rather difficult section to navigate.

Sparky coming through the upper section-

Garry coming through-

Dawson was up next-

(His right wheel is about 12" off the ground)

Leon through the upper section-

Frank coming down-

TacoEng was next-

Bob rounded out the field-

Then came the ledge below that obstacle.

Which eventually got us the short (long) way to Wall Street Canyon overlook.

Later in the day we set-up a target range and made things go "Pew Pew Pew". ;)

To see more pictures and all the chatter, click HERE.
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