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Our annual Calico event is coming up on April 7th & 8th, 2018. We will have people camping out starting Friday night through Sunday. Most of the runs will be on Saturday with optional run(s) on Sunday as well.

Calico was a booming silver mining town in the 1880's. In it's heyday, it had over 500 operating mines. The decreasing value of silver led to it's demise by the turn of the century. Most of the trails/roads we use for our runs were established routes for accessing the mines and removing the ore. Many mines are still accessible but please use caution.

Vehicle minimum requirements for the hard runs (Doran and Odessa):
33" tires
one locker

Vehicle minimum requirements for the easy run (Philips Loop, Mule Canyon, Wall Street Overlook, Early Man Site):
31" tires

Run schedule (subject to change based on vehicle count) follows-

Run #1 - Doran / Saturday 9am
Run #2 - Odessa / Saturday 9am
Run #3 - Phillips & Wallstreet / Saturday 9am
Run #4 - Doran and/or Odessa (loop?) / Sunday 10am

For those of you who haven't been before check out some pics from the previous years.

2016 Pics
2015 Pics
2014 Pics
2013 Pics
2012 Pics
2010 Pics
2009 Pics

The main group camping spot will be the same as last year. Pawn found a nice spot on Phillips Loop Road just off to the left of Mule Canyon Road. (about 1mi from pavement - Ghost Town Road) The camping location is on BLM land, so no camping permits or fees are required. This is dry camping with no facilities (5mi drive to town), so bring what you need. Pack it in, pack it out!

GPS coords N34 56.555 W116 50.505
Google Map

Communications- CB 31 / Ham 144.450 for car to car

Trail Preparedness List

:camping:BRING FIREWOOD:camping:

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