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Chariot Mountain

Chariot Mountain consists of many hiking, riding and driving trails. Most notable are Mason Valley Truck Trail, California Riding and Hiking Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail. This area was a part of a passage between the Native Americans on the coast and those near the Colorado River. Signs of their occupation are observable even to this day. It was later used by explorers, the U.S. Army and mail couriers. Today the area is enjoyed by outdoorsman of all types. Nature really sings here, especially in the springtime. There are streams, waterfalls and lots of blooms.

Trail Runs:

Easy - Chariot, Oriflamme and Rodriguez canyons are stock 2WD friendly. They are mild with switchbacks and sandy washes. Just before Rodriguez Spur, there is an exit out to S2. Rodriguez Spur has several rock gardens but the main trail is graded.

This can all be done in 2wd. See recommendations below if you decide to try the obstacles on Rodriguez Spur.

Minimum Recommendations: 4wd, 1 locker, armor, 33" tires

Meet Point:
Hwy 78/Trail Head
33°04'02.9"N 116°32'51.7"W
Google Maps

Meet Time:

Bring lunch!

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