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Night Run

Take off those auxiliary light covers and fire up the rock lights! It's time for some night wheelin'! The trails that you're so used to running through in the daylight now have a whole new feeling to them. Plus, it's nice to get away from the city lights and take in the night sky. The location and requirements will change with every night run. . . so be sure to pay attention to the run details.

Location: Cleghorn. . . . . backwards! The main focus will be running all the difficult sections but the main fire-road is an option as well.

Requirements: This night run is open to all levels. . . 2wd and 4wd alike. For the hard sections, you must have 32" tires and 4wd at the minimum. Body damage is unlikely but always a possibility. Sliders, skids and a locker are highly recommended.

Meet Point: The Cleghorn trailhead off the 138.

34°18'01.7"N 117°20'13.7"W

34.300465, -117.337142

Meet Time: 8pm

You may want to bring a sweater or jacket just in case the temps drop a little low.

Basic Trail Preparedness List

Trail Etiquette

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