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Cleghorn Trail(2N47) starts directly off the I-15 just before the 138. This trail has many bypasses that loop back onto the main road. You can pick and choose your battles along the way. It's GREAT for beginners and a good "brush-up" for veterans.
File:Cleghornmap.jpg - Dirtopia, the Off-Road Encyclopedia

Pilot Rock Truck Trail(2N33) is the stock friendly trail that runs from Silverwood Lake to Lake Arrowhead. This trail plays very much like Cleghorn. It's also great for beginners and veterans alike. This run, however, will be focused on the 2N17X split off this trail. This is a difficult trail which requires sliders/skids and a minimum of 1 locker. There are several steep climbs with a couple sections of rock crawling. If you have yet to test your rig's capabilities, this is the trail to do it on!
File:pilot.jpg - Dirtopia, the Off-Road Encyclopedia

Dishpan Springs Trail(3N34), also known as Deep Creek Trail, is a moderate trail with a couple difficult sections. This trail requires a minimum of a moderate lift, 33" tires, sliders/skids and 1 locker. Body damage to a stock rig is very likely. This trail starts by Lake Arrowhead and drops you off in Big Bear. If you're not sure of your driving abilities, it's not recommended you attend this length of the run.
Dishpan Springs Trail - Dirtopia, the Off-Road Encyclopedia

This has been a SoCal staple for years! Check it out!

Local Sevices: The exit just north of Cleghorn road, HWY 138, leads you to several gas stations and fast food places. Chevron, Shell, McDonald's, Del Taco, Subway and Circle K are your choices. Please fuel up and grab anything else you may need prior to the meet time.

The meet point will be on the west side of the I-15 off the Cleghorn Rd. exit at 9am. If you're going northbound on the I-15, exit Cleghorn Rd., make a left at the stop sign and you'll see the staging area on the other side of the freeway. If you're going southbound, exit Cleghorn Rd. and you'll see us at the end of the offramp. If you plan on running all 3 trails with us, please be very prompt as this will take the entire day!​

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