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This is going to hurt...(it did hurt)


Located in San Diego, California, but I am from the Bay Area and I could be convinced to drive the truck up there for a sale.

99 4Runner SR5 4WD Highlander Edition $9,000 (craigslist will be $10,000)
This truck runs perfectly. She's been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had not counting my 1985 4runner which I got up to 380,000 miles before I sold it. The quarantine has been hard on many. This truck has not been a daily driver for a few years now. I just use it on the weekends. But, I need to downsize and adjust my life for this new world we're living in. If you don't have your apocalypse vehicle, well, you can take my secondary apocalypse truck! I really love this truck and I kind of want to just sit here and write out how wonderful it's been to me. But, I'll let you get to the finer points. And of course, post questions or PM me. I'll upload photos here in a second.

-2002 4runner 3.4L (swapped by Toyota dealership back in 2004 or 2005)
-Deckplate mod
-Airaid MIT aka ISR mod
-True Flow air filter from
-Vortex muffler from
-Magnaflow(Car Sound) free-flow cat.
-Hayden 1678 tranny cooler

-Extended rear differential breather
-LockRite Rear Locker
-Five rock lights
-LED light bar
-Rear Polyurethane Body Mounts from Sonoran Steel

-Tundra coils with 3/8" top plate spacer and extended studs
-Old Man Emu N91S shocks
-OME 891 lift coils
-OME N86C shocks in back
-1" tapered diff drop from Sonoran Steel
-Panhard drop bar from Sonoran Steel
-Super Soft Rear Bumpstops from Sonoran Steel

-WabFab Off-Road 60" Sliders
-Custom front bumper w/ shackle hangers and winch mount
-Custom rear bumper (BruseTS inspired)

Wheels & Tires:
-Lexus LX450 Wheels with Toyota center caps (these are 1” wider than stock)
-285/75/16 BFG A/T

-Modified 1st Gen 4runner Roll bar w/custom spare tire mount, fire extinguisher and a Maglite mount
-Sonoran Steel Hi-Lift Mount in rear
-Sonoran Steel rear seat wingnut quick disconnects
-Husky liners front and rear and cargo
-Maglite 3D mounted on front Driver Husky liner

-Black Pearl Emblems
-Chromed Xenon turn signal bulbs front and back from
-Window tint (limo)
-TRD Decals
-Clear corner and bumper lenses from
-2001+ tails
-2001+ front grill
-Yakima rack

-Optima Yellow top D34/78
-1/0 Battery Cable and Hooker Audio battery terminals
-Cobra 18WXSTII and 3' FireStik
-BOSS stereo with Bluetooth and USB port
-Infinity Kappa speakers in stock locations

-The rear hatch has a dent in it from a year ago when I back into a mountainside. The rear hatch key hole broke off (two plastic taps holding the key hole snapped). I still have the key assembly but I haven't repaired this. To be honest, I never use this ever as the truck locks and unlocks the rear hatch from the inside or with the remote key fob. The key fob even rolls down the rear window (and of course you can roll down the rear window from inside the truck too).
-The paint is in great shape for the truck's age. But, it's not perfect. I have never beat on this truck ever. This has been my camping rig. It's rare that I have even done a proper off road trail with this truck. I have used it to get to those remote places to camp, hike, and whatnot. I would drive this truck to Alaska right now and have zero concerns at all. She is solid.

Craiglist posting:


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That's a BentUp front bumper. I've got the same one. Nice!
I figured it wasn't even worth mentioning BentUp. I don't think the new generation of off roaders has any clue. haha. But it is an incredible bumper! I don't have a winch on the truck currently, but that bumper has held strong winching me out of some hairy spots!
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Sale pending.
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