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Soon to be a Tacoma driver

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Hey everybody

I’m 19 years old and I have been a Tacoma fan since I was about 10 and my buddies dad had three of them (he leased them for a year and basically just kept getting a new one)

Anyways, right now I drive a modified black 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. It has a full Eibach suspension system (Pro Kit springs, dampers, and sway bars), FocusSport Cool-Flo intake with an ITG cone filter, and a FocusSport ceramic coated stainless steel cat back exhaust, full Pioneer/Infinity sound system.

It handles like a raped ape and I still really love it, but I want to pick up a 2004 Tacoma before it's to late.

The reason I say that is because my mother works for Toyota Financial Services. Where she works, people can lease any Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicle for a year and then get something else. The great thing is, they put these off lease vehicles up for sale for about two weeks when they come off lease and immediate family members can buy them for about $5000-$6000 under KBB value.

I'm hoping to find a 2004 Tacoma Double Cab 4X4, V6, TRD for around $18,000. And since they no longer make the old style Tacomas (as you all know :rolleyes:) I want to try to grab one for the great price before they are all gone.

Hopefully sometime this spring/summer I will find one :D
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But seriously, I'd like to know how I can legally come up with $18,000 to buy a second vehicle. Connections...
If YOU have the money to buy a good Tacoma for a good price, go for it. The Double Cab sounds like a smokin' deal.

If you don't mind saying, what do you do for work that enables you to buy an $18,000 truck, in addition to keeping your Focus (I assume your keeping it)?
Okay, that's good.

Have you driven some Tacomas to get a feel for what you are getting into?

I didn't even get to test drive my Tacoma before I bought it, as I had not driven many manuals before. I had to trust my father's impressions. Luckily I liked the truck. I was used to fullsize, V-8 trucks. Going to a small, 4-cylinder truck was odd at first.

Good luck in getting a truck you like! You shouldn't be dissapointed if you want a truck that will do almost anything you ask of it!
I've never driven a Tacoma other than my own.

I'd like to see what Double Cabs are like and see how the V-6's power feels.

I might try to test-drive a new Taco.
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