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SouthEast Tough Truck Challenge

Presented by the Clay County 4x4 Club
April 24th, 25th, 26th
Hard Rock MX
Ocala Florida 34475

South East Tough Truck Challenge

The Clay County 4x4 Club presents an event that will separate the men from the boys. It will be held at the hard Rock MX in Ocala florida. There will be 10 vehicles competing with 2 alternates. The courses will be TTC style, and if you have ever watched a TTC video you know what that means. This event is open to any 4x4 vehicle that meets the mandatory safety requirements.

Vehicle Safety requirements:

Full Roll Cage
4 or 5 point safety harness
DOT approved helmets for both the driver and co-driver
First aid kit and fire extinguisher within easy reach of drivers and event officials

Also required:
Recovery Points front and rear
Tires must be Dot but may be cut any way the owner likes

The Courses:
Pull Test--- pull a dozer or other piece of heavy equipment
Speed Hills--- tall smooth hills, several of them
Obstacle Course---well, it'll be obstacles, dirt, concrete, trenches etc.
Hills and Rocks---some steep hills and a rock garden
Race Course---this will be on the large motorcross track
The Bender--- this is our version of the frame twister

Note: all of these courses are ran for fast time. You will get 2 attempts at each course. fastest time counts.

The Schedule:

Friday 24th:
Sign in and pay entry fee

Saturday 25th:
8:30 am: Drivers meeting and Q&A
9:00 am: Pull Test
11:00 am: Speed Hills
1:00 pm: lunch
1:30 pm: Obstacle Course
4:00 pm: the days scores will be posted for viewing.

Sunday 26th:
8:30 am: Drivers Meeting and Q&A
9:00 am: Hills and Rocks
11:00 am: Race Course
1:00 pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: The Bender
4:30 pm: Final Scores and Awards Ceremony

Entry Fee:
The entry fees is $100.00
This covers 3 Days at the Park and 4 SETTC shirts, 2 for the driver and 2 for the co-driver. If you get the call, please have the sizes ready.

Submitting Entry:
To submit your vehicle for SETTC, go to to register and post up a max of 2 pics no larger then 640 x 480. Please post your pics as well as vehicle information such as axles, engine, tires etc in your post. Also pm exocaged a phone # where you can be reached if you get the vote.

Our entry review panel will choose the top 20 vehicles out of the vehicles submitted. Entries will be accepted up to Feb 14th. The 20 chosen will be posted on the forums and up for vote on February the 21st. To vote you must be a registered user. Anyone can register and vote. The voting will close on Sunday March 8th. If you are voted into the top 12 ( 10 with 2 alts ), you will be notified by a phone call at the # you submitted to exocaged.
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